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The Prometheus Realm Portal

Click a link below to step into the Prometheus Realm:

The Prometheus Realm
The new main Prometheus Realm website that's so much more than just downloads. View airing schedules, the Roswell book guide, download mp3s, scripts, and more.
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Prometheus Realm Airing Schedules
Even though this page is part of the Downloads site, it's starting to get a life of its own. I update the airing schedules whenever I hear new information. It includes up-to-date airing schedules for TV series "Power Rangers", "Roswell", "John Doe" & more.

PrometheusUFO's Collections
DVD | VHS | CD | Video Game_|
I am a big fan of DVD. I buy to blind myself from life. Please view my collections of DVDs and CDs that I own and wish to own.

The (Original) Prometheus Realm
The original website that started everything... It's never updated anymore because, well, GeoCities just sucks.

Prometheus Realm Tunes
Check out my brand new internet radio station, powered by LaunchCAST!

Prometheus Realm Forums
Includes forums about everything from Roswell and Power Rangers to Truth-Seekers and Harry Potter. But no one ever posts. Ever.

Project Prometheus UFO Research Center
This is an official website for my now-defunct UFO research project. Also on GeoCities, hence, no longer updated.

PrometheusUFO's LiveJournal
Read about my boring, depressing life here.

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Prometheus Realm Yahoo! Group
Join please. kthnx.