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[Last Updated: May 16, 2003 at 3:50 PM ET]

+ I apologize for never updating this page anymore. For those still looking for a news page, I recommend my LiveJournal. I post news there sometimes (as well as more personal things concerning my life). Feel free to check it out.

+ The track listing for the new Power Rangers music CD has been revealed. Previously titled "Power Rangers Collection", it is now titled "The Best Of The Power Rangers". The CD, out on February 11th, includes 16 songs, 5 of them being never before released.

The Power Rangers section of the ABC Kids website has confirmed the February 15th season premiere of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. The ABC Family season premiere date has yet to be confirmed.

+ DarkHorizons has some surprising casting news. They report that The Mirror reports that British actor Damian Lewis is starring in a potential sequel to Steven Spielberg's mini-series, Taken (I phrase it that way because I couldn't find the mention on the Mirror's site). More Taken 2 news as it comes.

+ More Power Rangers Ninja Storm filming news uncovered: this new article concerning filming of TV & movies in New Zealand, posted by Ecliptor17, reports a budget of $28 Million (What I forgot to mention is that these numbers could be New Zealand dollars instead of US dollars, meaning $28 Million NZ equals roughly $14 Million US). But let us continue to the big news update...

+ According to this interview of a Power Rangers Ninja Storm stunt double, also posted by Ecliptor17, there is a third Power Rangers movie on the horizon. Here's an excerpt:

* A lot of riders are making their mark on the film and TV stage! What have
you done, and do you plan to do in the future!

I am currently working on the Power Rangers new TV show, which will be shown
in the UK next summer I think. I double one of the power rangers and do all
of the motorbike stunts when they turn up to a fight scene, and also in the
series when the guy is not a power ranger he is a MX racer and does a bit of
freestyle so I do all of the stuff for that. Filming runs for 8 months a
year for the next 6 years but fox productions are making a movie of it next
year so I will be doing that for sure.

Six years. Disney sure believes in this franchise. But how can someone not know they work for Disney? (Fox sold the rights to Disney in the Fox Family buy-out a few years back.) But the biggest bit of news above has to be a new Power Rangers movie being filmed later this year! We still don't know if the movie will be theatrical, a TV movie, or a direct-to-video feature. We'll get back to you with any news on this.

+ There's many Power Rangers marathons ahead on ABC Family, according to the ABC Cable Networks Group site, which has recently revealed ABC Family's listings for February. Though "Power Rangers Ninja Storm" is listed nowhere on the schedule, there are lots of clues that point to the contrary. There's a PR marathon (that seems to look very similar to the "PR Finale" marathon a few months back) on Feb. 15th at 7am - 10:30am ET & continuing Feb. 16th at 7am - Noon ET. This could be a "PR Premiere" marathon which could mean an ABC Kids premiere of Power Rangers Ninja Storm on February 15th at 11:30am ET. There's also a 2-hour PR Wild Force marathon scheduled for Feb. 17th, which could be the last four episodes of last season. This would all lead the way for the ABC Family premiere of Power Rangers Ninja Storm on February 22nd. This is all speculation for now, but I'd be surprised if it weren't true.

+ Ecliptor17 reports this at, the Power Rangers newsgroup: "Currently, a $20 million film (Power Rangers) is being filmed at Studio West in Glen Eden." A $20 Million budget for Power Rangers Ninja Storm? Interesting.

+ The Golden Globe nominations were announced today. "Taken" has been nominated for Best Mini-Series or TV Movie. Here's the list of nominations. The awards show is scheduled to air January 19th, 2003 on NBC.

+ Could there be a 2nd season of Galidor on the way? I now think so. I scoured the 'net (for about 20 minutes) until I found this page. "Matthew Ewald is on hiatus from his hit TV show Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension. Galidor is the #1, live action, show in kidís programming, and is scheduled to start its second season very soon." Of course, this was posted October 9th, 2002 but at least it's some form of confirmation (and the #1 bit is surprising...I thought Power Rangers was #1).

+ Power Rangers merchandise recap: The "Power Rangers Collection" music CD has a current release date of February 11, 2003. The "Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers" DVD has a release date of April 1, 2003 and includes 8 episodes (all titles listed in an earlier update). According to, Tokyopop will begin releasing Power Rangers manga, with Issue #1 being released in May 2003 and Issue #2 being released in August 2003. It is not yet known which Power Rangers team or teams will be included in the comics, but I find Power Rangers Ninja Storm to be most likely. Both issues have a retail price of $9.99.

+ A Taken soundtrack CD has been confirmed by the miniseries' composer Laura Karpman. There's a deal in the works but there's no known release date yet. The Taken DVD has been confirmed by "a very reliable source" that it will be released in Spring 2003. All this news is from the Taken section of the Dreamworks Fansite.

There's new information found here on the upcoming "Power Rangers Collection" CD. Yes, the "Vol. 1" has been dropped from the title and the release date is currently set for February 11th, 2003. Also, here's some captures from the previous CD ad from a couple of Power Rangers Wild Force videos.

Ecliptor17 has given us a heads-up on more info about the first ever Power Rangers DVD: It will include the digitally remastered episodes "White Light" Parts 1 and 2, "Countdown to Destruction" Parts 1 and 2, "To The Tenth Power", "Trakeena's Revenge" Parts 1 and 2, & "Forever Red" and a collectible 10th anniversary mini-poster, according to Release date is set for April 1st.

+ Amy Jo Johnson has began donating some collectables from the TV series she has appeared on (including Power Rangers) to auction off on eBay in order to fund an independent film.

+ Welcome to the brand-new Prometheus Realm News! I wanted a central place to post the latest news concerning the things that interest me: Power Rangers, Roswell, and many many others. I wonder how long this page will last before I abandon it too.

+ Next year is set to become the year of TV in the DVD market with many TV DVDs scheduled for release: Dark Angel: Season One (First Half 2003), Smallville: Season One (3/18/2003), Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers (4/1/2003), The X-Files: Season Seven & Eight (May & November 2003), 24: Season Two (Summer 2003), among many others.

+'s Schedulebot has added the episode titles for the first three weeks of Roswell beginning January 13th, 2003. As expected, it will air from the beginning weekdays at 6pm ET.

+ There are rumors going around that due to the stellar ratings of the on-going "Taken" miniseries airing on the Sci-Fi Channel that there may be a regular weekly series in the works. There's also talk of a "Taken" CD soundtrack. Dreamworks has already confirmed a DVD release of the miniseries is in the works for release next year.

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