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Prometheus Realm : Roswell : Book Guide - Page 2

(Updated 06/30/2003)

At this point, the Roswell TV series was cancelled after three seasons. Simon & Schuster decided to restart the novel series, with one new novel being released every other month...

Sept. 2002
Roswell #1: Shades by Mel Odom
TV Series Placement: Summer 2001 - Post-Season 2

Ghost Story

Now that their best chance for returning to the home planet has left without them, the "Czechoslovakian" residents of Roswell (code for aliens) must adjust to a more permanent existence on earth than they were expecting. Seeing a possible future for the two of them, Maria nags Michael about money, sending him packing on a salaried weekend trip to help a geologist study a proposed chemical company site. As the group camps out under the stars, a round of spooky ghost stories provides entertainment -- until one of the guys sees a real ghost. The kicker? Michael can see it too.

River Dog has also been plagued by the shades of the past in recent days, and he brings Max out to the desert to bear witness as the apparition threatens him. He tells Max of an ancient Mesaliko prophecy that tells of vengeance being exacted by the tribe's ancestors if Visitors are allowed to remain among them -- Visitors like Max, Michael, and Isabel. As the hauntings increase in both frequency and violence, the alien teens and their friends know they must uncover the true origin of the phantoms -- whether physical, mystical, or alien -- before the ghosts follow through on their deadly threats.

Nov. 2002
Crash Into Me: The World Of Roswell by Robyn Burnett

Roswell fans and UFO buffs will love learning about the alien mythology and the 1947 Roswell crash that prompted Jason Katims (creator of My So-Called Life) and David Nutter (creator of The X-Files) to combine forces and spawn the hit television show Roswell. This is an intense, intelligent drama that explores the lives of three alien/human hybrid teenagers as they struggle to keep their true identity secret, elude the FBI, battle enemy alien forces, and lead normal teenage lives. A look at the show, its fans, and its history, this guide is packed with biographies and photographs of the cast, detailed commentaries on each episode, and information on how to find the best Roswell information on the Web.

Nov. 2002
Roswell #2: Skeletons In The Closet by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin
TV Series Placement: Summer 2001 - Post-Season 2


After Michael gets inspired by the photo of Charles Dupree, Max "borrows" some files from the UFO museum, and Liz surfs the Net, the "Czechoslovakians" are hot on the trail of one of their human DNA donors. Could the donor give them some clue to their past - and their future?

But Michael gets held up when he suddenly becomes the prime suspect in his foster father's murder. Good thing Jesse Ramirez, the new lawyer in Mr. Evans's firm - and a close, personal friend of Isabel's - is there to help Michael out. But Sheriff Hanson is watching them all more closely than ever, and trails that once burned hot have suddenly gone cold. How are the aliens supposed to find their destiny when for every door that cracks open, another gets slammed in their faces?

Jan. 2003
Roswell #3: Dreamwalk by Paul Ruditis
TV Series Placement: Summer 2001 - Post-Season 2

You can run, but you can't hide.

Night after night Kyle is haunted by nightmares of Alex's death. He begs Isabel to help by dreamwalking him and removing the images from his mind. Isabel knows that's not how her powers work, but Kyle is relentless and she finally agrees. The disturbing images she encounters in Kyle's subconscious are almost too much to bear, but when she tries to exit his mind, she finds herself trapped in a maze of guilt -- while back in the conscious world, Kyle is unable to wake her.

Meanwhile Liz invites Max to babysit with her. She wants to give him a chance to train for the day when he finds his own son. But watching this troubled child turns out to be not just another day in the park, and before they know it, Liz and Max are in way over their heads....

March 2003
Roswell #4: Quarantine by Laura J. Burns
TV Series Placement: Summer 2001 - Pre-Season 3

No One Is Safe.

There's a new corporation in town -- Meta-chem -- and Liz is psyched to land a scholarship program working in the lab. But when the giant pharmaceutical company creates a disease that accidentally infects the town, Liz is among the first to fall ill -- and, despite his powers, Max is unable to heal her.

There's also a new girl in town, Sadie, who's come to Roswell searching for her half sister, who she believes is Maria. Maria doesn't know how to feel: what if she and Sadie do share a father? Maria hasn't seen him since she was seven years old, and she's not sure she wants to see him now. but when news of the quarantine breaks, Maria has no choice but to keep Sadie with her in town, all while trying to find out who is sick and whether anyone can be saved in time....
Roswell #5: A New Beginning by Kevin Ryan
TV Series Placement: Post-Season 3 / Immediately following TV series finale

Facing an unknown future

As Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, Maria, and Kyle pile into their van and leave Roswell behind, they are each hoping for positive experiences - or at least something different from most of the events of the past three years. After all, their high school years were anything but typical - the whole alien experience has nearly cost them their lives, again and again. Still, they know that taking charge of their destinies and deciding to make a positive difference in the world has empowered them all.

But it isn't long before Liz sees a vision of future destruction, and the group realizes by leaving Roswell they have changed history, and not necessarily for the better. When they end up in a town where young girls are disappearing, it quickly becomes clear that their lives beyond Roswell will be anything but easy...

June 2003

July 2003
Roswell #6: Nightscape by Kevin Ryan
TV Series Placement: Post-Season 3 / Few weeks after "A New Beginning"

On The Road...To Danger

While traveling through Colorado, Liz sees a vision of Maria being chased through a large house. Needless to say, the van then mysteriously breaks down right in front of a creepy old mansion. Tired of being pushed around by fate, the group decides to spend the night. But what they find hidden inside the house forces them all to face a powerful enemy, Max to make a decision about his leadership abilities, and Liz to reconsider her role in the group now that her powers are developing.

Looks like the battles they fought back in Roswell aren't entirely over. And while the group knows they have changed their destiny by leaving Roswell, they begin to wonder how much they are really in control. Liz can see the future, but when they act on her visions, are they changing or simply carrying out their destiny?

Roswell #7: Pursuit by Andy Mangels & Micheal A. Martin [PART 1 OF 2]
TV Series Placement: Post-Season 3


Liz, Max, Maria, Michael, and Kyle didn’t expect that when they left Roswell, their lives would suddenly become perfect. They were, after all, on the run from the FBI. But they certainly didn’t think things could get much worse. They’re learning how wrong they were. The FBI has tracked them via their email accounts and is hot on the group’s trail. It can only be a matter of time before they are apprehended.

Meanwhile, in New York City, three alien Dupes are captured by the police. When the Feds are brought on to the case, the Special Unit recognizes the Dupes—and wonders why "Tess," “Michael,” and “Isabel,” are so different. Little do they know they are dealing with a case of mistaken identity. And the real Isabel has more pressing concerns, if Liz’s latest vision is to be believed….

This is the first of a two-part finale for the Roswell saga, wrapping up all the storylines from the television and book series! Read the exciting conclusion in TURNABOUT. . . coming soon!

Aug 2003
Roswell #8: Turnabout by Andy Mangels & Micheal A. Martin [PART 2 OF 2]
TV Series Placement: Post-Season 3


Based on Liz's most recent vision, Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Kyle determine that Isabel's fate awaits her in Los Angeles—the same place where their parents, captured by the FBI are being held. It stands to reason that the dupes are being held in the same facility, so the group splits up, and half of them head to the Pacific Coast.

Concerned for Isabel's safety, though, Max sends his sister off with the remainder of their friends to Boston, bringing about an awkward reunion between Isabel and her husband Jesse Ramirez. Before long, both the group and the dupes are being pursued by the feds, as well as members of a new alien race. Everyone is forced to put aside their mistrust and work together to thwart the newfound danger that is coming from all sides. . .

This is the final book of the Roswell saga, wrapping up all the storylines from the television and book series!

Oct 2003
Author Kevin Ryan: "Unfortunately, there are no plans to continue the book series after those four books [#5-8 above] because of relatively low sales on recent books. However, strong sales of these new books might change that situation."